Vince Ector - Organatomy
American Showplace Music
Released 2013

Track Listing:

1. In A Sentimental Mood
2. Up & Down
3. Karen's Dance
4. Aries
5. Con Alma
6. I Don't Know
7. Jinrikisha
8. Organatomy
9. So Danco Samba

Kyle Koehler - Organ Yotam Silberstein - Guitar Bruce Williams - Saxophones Vince Ector - Drums Special guests - Claudio Roditi - Trumpet Cafe - Percussion
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"Vince Ector knows a thing or two about shuffles, uptempo swingers and funk grooves."
Vince Ector - Renewal of The Spirit
Mambo Maniacs Records
Released 2005

Track Listing:

1. Rooftop[MP3 Excerpt]
2. Renewal of the Spirit [MP3 Excerpt]
3. Luiza [MP3 Excerpt]
4. Melly's Blues [MP3 Excerpt]
5. Moving On [MP3 Excerpt]
6. Butterfly [MP3 Excerpt]
7. Call [MP3 Excerpt]
8. Remembrance [MP3 Excerpt]
9. Night Dreamer [MP3 Excerpt]
10. My Foolish Heart [MP3 Excerpt]
11. For Our Fathers [MP3 Excerpt]

Vincent Ector--drums, percussion (2,3,10); Bobby Watson--alto sax (2,7); Eddie Allen--trumpet (1,4,9); Dan Faulk--tenor sax (5) soprano sax (6,10); John diMartino--piano (except 7,11) Leon Lee Dorsey--contrabass (except 7,11).
Vince Ector - Rhythm Master
Blues Leaf Records
Released 2003

Track Listing:

1. South Philly Groove
2. Groovin High
3. What's New
4. I've Got The World On A String
5. Premonition
6. Iberian Echoes
7. Rhythm Master
8. What Love Has Joined
9. Short Story

Vincent Ector--drums, sangba and djembe drums (6,7); Eddie Henderson--trumpet (4,9); John di Martino--piano; Dwayne Burno--contrabass; Craig Bailey--flute (3,8); Avi Liebovich--trombone (3,4,9); Bob Ferrel--trombone (1,5,6,7); Jay Collins--tenor and soprano saxophones (1,5,6,7); Lenny Argese--acoustic guitar (8); Kevin Jones--conga, djembe (7).
Giacomo Gates
Miles Tones
Savant Records 2013
Akiko Tsuruga
Sweet & Funky
18th & Vine Records
Akiko Tsuruga, Eric Johnson, Vince Ector & Wilson - Sweet and Funky
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'Sweet' Sue Terry
Gilly's Caper
Sweet Sue Music 2006
'Sweet' Sue Terry - Gilly's Caper
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Charles Earland Tribute Band featuring Joey DeFrancesco
Keepers of the Flame
High Note Records, 2002 (Also Producer)
Craig Bailey Sextet
Evidence Records, 2001 (Produced by Rufus Reid)
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Leon Lee Dorsey
Song of Songs
Umoja Records, 2000
Spirit of Life Ensemble
Rise Up Recordings, 2000
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Harry Miller Trio
Live at the Museum
Harry Miller Music and Inner Ear Records, 1999
Harry Miller Trio - Live at the Museum
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Jimmy Bruno Trio w/ Scott Hamilton
Live at Birdland 2
Concord Records, 1999
Jimmy Bruno - Live At Birdland, Vol. 2
Giacomo Gates
The Revolution Will be Jazz
Savant Records 2011
Lou Pallo
Thank You Less
Showplace Music Productions
Akiko Tsuruga, Eric Johnson, Vince Ector & Wilson - Sweet and Funky
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Reuben Wilson Trio
Ash Records 2011
Gloria Lynne
From My Heart To Yours
Gloria Lynne - From My Heart to Yours
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Sharel Cassity
Just for You
© 2008 Sharel Cassity
Sharel Cassity - Just for You
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Onaje Allan Gumbs
Remember Their Innocence
Onaje Allan Gumbs - Remember Their Innocence
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Bob Devos Trio featuring Charles Earland
Breaking the Ice
Savant Records, 1999
Bob Devos - Breaking the Ice
Jimmy Bruno Trio w/ Bobby Watson
Live at Birdland
Concord Records, 1997
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Charles Earland
Ready n' Able
Muse Records, 1995
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Monnette Sudler
Live in Philly
M. Sudler Recordings, 1994
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  George Barron
Crossing the Rubicon
Norbar Records, 1993
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